All of us have experienced anxiety at one point or another in our life. Anxiety, anxiousness or nervousness are normal human emotions and are typical reactions to things like stress at work, interpersonal conflict, visiting a doctor, public speaking, etc…

Ordinarily we consider Anxiety to be a signal. Think of an alarm clock; “Oh, it’s time to wake up”. Depending on the strength and frequency, anxiety can be a mild cue or a crippling interference in life itself.
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When it interferes with work, relationships, and daily functioning, it may be that you have an anxiety disorder. Sometimes, when feelings of nervousness, fear, and anxiety are so overwhelming life can feel unbearable. An anxiety disorder is serious and generally needs intervention. Generally, the two approaches are medical, typically with a medication, or with psychotherapy. Medication generally relieves many of the symptoms; psychotherapy tends to get to the underlying causes. Sometimes both are used. Often the medication can be reduced or eliminated over time with a successful psychotherapy.

Symptoms may include:

  • panic
  • fear
  • sleeping difficulties
  • tension
  • heart issues
  • nausea or dizziness

Treatment Our focus in the treatment of anxiety will be on symptom relief as well as alleviating the source of your distress. Often, longer term goals include achieving personal growth and putting into action new ways of experiencing a more fulfilling life.

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