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You may be seeking therapy for your child.   Seeing your child in emotional pain, perhaps having trouble communicating or exhibiting behavioral difficulties usually disrupts your life, the life of your child, and that of your entire household.   Some issues that may cause you to consider therapy for your child include aggressive behavior, high activity levels, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, withdrawn behavior, fears/phobias, family/parental conflicts, stalled emotional/social development, academic underachievement, and problematic relationships.

I approach the process of helping your child by meeting you, the parents, first.   In our initial meeting, I want to get to know your child as you know him or her.   This includes discussing the issues that concern you, your child’s history and development, and any contributors that have led to the current circumstances.   At the end of this session, I can provide some insight as to what may be occurring, and recommend whether your child should be seen for a brief evaluation.

After meeting with your child and assessing the issues, I will meet with you again to discuss the evaluation and recommendations.   Should we decide on a course of therapy, we will develop a treatment strategy that includes goals, parental involvement, confidentiality, and the business issues of treatment. A brief evaluation may include one or a few additional sessions.

Depending on a number of factors, the treatment goals may be specific (e.g. changes in behavior, improved relationships with friends and family, or more general, e.g. less anxiety, more self-esteem).   I will work with your child to establish a safe place where he or she can feel comfortable and understood.   With young children I use communication methods that are the most effective for his/her age.   Depending on your child’s current capacities, I may use tools such as play therapy, drawing as well as expressive language.