marriage counseling,Stanislaw therapy,david stanislaw,couple therapy,couples counseling,family counseling,divorce preventionYou may be experiencing difficulties in your marriage or your relationship with a significant other.   You might be dating, engaged, married, or a couple who simply live together.   My work with couples is focused on helping you to get to the core of your difficulties, helping you solve them and to repair and strengthen your relationship.

Couples often come into treatment with a variety of issues that have manifested into communication difficulties, repetitive conflict, insufficient intimacy and understanding of one another.   Many times couples have different ways of communicating that the other can’t understand. In the course of couples therapy, each partner’s individual needs, challenges, and wishes become very much a part of the conversation.   The goal of our work together is to help you find healthy ways to communicate, solve conflicts, and relate more closely to each other.

Divorce, or the ending of any long-term relationship, is one of life’s toughest transitions.   People going through a divorce often feel loss on multiple levels; the loss of the other person, the loss of life that you had together and the future that you imagined. This can lead to feelings of sadness, self-blame, anxiety, shame, guilt and anger.

If you are a parent and are going through a divorce, even despite your best efforts, children are greatly affected by divorce.   It is very painful for a child to see animosity between their parents and their sense of security will likely be disrupted as a result.   As a parent, it might be difficult to know how to help your child adjust to the loss of their family as they knew it.

Whether you are a couple or an individual who is contemplating, or in the middle of ending your relationship, therapy can help you through this emotional process.   We will work together to understand and cope with the strong feelings and changes that can arise before, during, and after a divorce, as well as help you find ways to ease the difficulty that your children might be having.