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When a parent develops a concern about their child, either a younger child or adolescent, the first question that comes to mind is whether this behavior is normal or not. Is it something that merits some further attention and investigation, or is it something that may be just a brief phase or minor difficulty in adjusting? Often, discussing this with a professional can provide a perspective that allows a parent to feel more settled that their child either has some difficulties that need attending to or not.

Some of the many behaviors/symptoms that can be troubling to parents include anxiety, depression, academic underachievement, withdrawal, disturbed eating or sleeping patterns, difficulties with peers, and acting out behaviors such as the use of drugs and alcohol. Generally speaking, the more intense and the longer duration these behaviors have been present the more likely they may be serious and may interfere in your child’s development. Should these be concerns be troubling you, a consultation would likely be beneficial. Sometimes these difficulties interfere with normal development. This can result in impaired functioning well into the future. Usually the goal of psychotherapy is reduce/eliminate the symptoms, restore age appropriate functioning, and, most importantly, to facilitate the child’s/adolescent’s return to a normal developmental pattern.

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